School Safety Team Guide: Role, Responsibilities and Expectations

New Jersey passed one of the toughest anti-bullying laws in the country, the "Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act" in January 2011. This guide is a very user friendly manual with step by step instructions, dialog and power point for presenting the material The Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act becomes effective September 2011. Help your school and safety team become compliant. All necessary forms included.
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The School Safety Team: Addressing Bullying Behavior Through Culture and Climate

Guidelines for the Development of Behavioral Expectations and Logical Consequences. It is the next logical step for NJ school districts and will assist the school safety team in performing their mandated duties to improve school culture and climate and provide instruction. Districts outside of NJ will find this manual an invaluable resource for addressing harassment, intimidation and bullying.
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Early Childhood Bullying Prevention Program
'Let's Be Friends'


Bullying and relational aggression begin as early as pre-school. Incorporate the "bully free"...
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Virgil the Bully From Cyber Space
Grades 1 - 3

Turn the reading of the delightful, engaging book "Virgil: The Bully From Cyberspace," into... Read More

Elementary School Program
'No Excuse For Peer Abuse'

Grades 3-5

Creating bully free social and learning environments are critical to optimize cognitive...
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Middle School Program & Project
'Stand-Up Speak-Out'

Grades Middle School and up

Empower middle school students, prepare them to meet everyday challenges...
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On Site Training is offered for educators, parents, students, support staff, civic groups and community members. Presentations provide practical information and resources.
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Train the Trainer Turnkey Manual provides two power point presentations with all the tools and information needed to conduct your own bullying prevention and intervention workshop for staff and to conduct a parent presentation.
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Best Practice

Utterly Global utilizes the best practices in bullying prevention, offering comprehensive research based programs and training.


Blueprint for Success

  • Examine the social environment and climate in your school or camp.  Get everyone “on board” to create a safe learning and social environment. Change the social norm to one where everyone is treated with respect, dignity and bullying is not tolerated.

  • Assess and measure.  Adults don't always estimate the prevalence of bullying accurately. It is important to survey the attitude, behaviors and climate of a school or camp. Many times administration, parents, teachers, students and staff perceive the school or camp differently. Everyone should be surveyed. Findings can help motivate adults to take action.  A starting date can serve as a baseline to measure change.

  • Obtain buy-in. Bullying prevention is not be the sole responsibility of one person, the school, parents, staff, students, campers or the community.  Bullying prevention is the job of EVERYONE.

  • Form a social action team or committee.  Evaluate survey findings. Choose an area in need.

  • Raise awareness, train and educate staff, children, parents, lunch aids, bus drivers and anyone who has contact with children.

  • Establish and enforce clear cut rules and protocol .Staff, children and parents need to know what is expected and the positive and negative consequences for their behavior. 

  • Increase supervision in “hot spots”. Establish an anonymous reporting system. Begin tracking and reporting all incidents or suspected incidents of bullying.

  • Spend time on bullying prevention with children.  Watch movies, read books, role play, discuss problems and solutions.

  • Implement a bullying prevention program/plan.

  • No end date.  Continue your efforts.  Continue to assess and evaluate what works.  Make changes as needed to your plan.


Utterly Global can assist you in creating and implementing a bullying prevention plan