Brielle Close, Miss Teen Delaware 2013, takes up the fight against bullying as her platform. She will be acting as a spokesperson for Utterly Global Youth Empowerment a 501 (c) (3) to raise awareness and help bring anti-bullying programing and resources to schools and districts in need of funding. To contribute CLICK below.

An Inspirational Story and Proof That Behavior Can Change

Abraham J. Cruz, (Abe Cruz), an Utterly Global supporter, is the visionary founder and CEO of Forever Faith, which promotes a universal message and mindset. Abe is an entrepreneur and survivor who found hope and faith to change his life. To read more about his story go to

Abe also designed a Stand Up Speak Out T-shirt for Utterly Global which will be available for purchase soon!

Thank you Abe for Standing Up and Speaking Out against bullying.

Porter Mayberry is a proud supporter of Utterly Global, is the shortest dunker in the world, standing at 5'5 inches. He was bullied about his height and is now an inspiration to others. Porter has been in a Lebron James commercial, ESPN Sportsnation, and For more information about Porter or to have him come to your school for a presentation and demonstration contact View Porter's amazing ability at


Early Childhood Bullying Prevention Program
'Let's Be Friends'


Bullying and relational aggression begin as early as pre-school. Incorporate the "bully free"...

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Elementary School Program
'No Excuse For Peer Abuse'

Grades 3-5

Creating bully free social and learning environments are critical to optimize cognitive...

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Middle School Program & Project
'Stand-Up Speak-Out'

Grades Middle School and up

Empower middle school students, prepare them to meet everyday challenges...
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Coming Soon!

Virgil the Bully From Cyber Space
A book for Children in Grades 1 - 3 With a Parent Component


On Site Training is offered for educators, parents, students, support staff, civic groups and community members. Presentations provide practical information and resources. Learn the best practices to reduce bullying, effective intervention strategies and how to address the challenges faced by parents, educators and communities dealing with bullying.

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Train the Trainer Turnkey Manual provides two power point presentations with all the tools and information needed to conduct your own bullying prevention and intervention workshop for staff and to conduct a parent presentation. This is the most cost effective way to train staff year after year, retread with current staff as needed and educate parents.

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Utterly Global Hero Campaign


A BRAVE HEART: The Lizzie Velasquez Story is a documentary following the inspiring journey of 26-year-old, 58-pound Lizzie from cyber-bullying victim to anti-bullying activist.

Thank you Shenita, Rennon and Maddy for Standing-Up and Speaking-Out!

Be a Hero...Join the Cause


“They laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at them because they're all the same.”

A favorite quote of mine made famous by many including Kurt Cobain, Lady Gaga and Jonathan Davis. All talented singers and songwriters, souls with a message to share.  Should we thank the bullies for bringing out our creativity or were we born with it? Were we born as messengers, with a mission to spread? If so, my mission is to stop bullying. To unite as many  people as I can so that together we can prevent one more child from  taking their own life in an effort to stop the torment. So that we may show them that they're innocent in this game of life, that they do matter. So that we may spread this message to all the tortured souls so they will be tortured no more. We just saw many of our loved ones graduate. Whether it be from middle school, high school or even kindergarten. Our job is to make sure these children are prepared for the world outside of the classroom.

How do we make our children aware? By spreading awareness. Bringing our message to a larger audience. My vision is to combat bullying with love. Look at the person next to you and try to understand their story. Love them, don't shun them. We have a perfect opportunity to do this. Many of our children are on summer vacation. Let them not dread going back to school in the fall. Let them look forward to a new year in September, knowing that there's a pioneer out there fighting for them. A warrior who has been where they are right now. A person who won't stand still and let this abuse continue one more day.

Dori Crescas
Anti -bullying speaker

For more information contact

Thank you, Ally ,Elizabeth and Ellie for Standing Up and Speaking Out… Against Bullying!

They raised 200.00 dollars to create awareness and help bring Utterly Global Youth Empowerment resources to schools!

Their school will receive a UG Youth Empowerment Manual!!

Great Job Girls!!!

Brielle Close, Miss Teen Delaware, Utterly Global Youth Empowerment Spokesperson and Hero! Brielle Close raised over 500.00 dollars to create awareness and help bring anti-bullying programing and resources to schools! She is presenting Tina Conely, wellness coordinator of Mot Charter School an Youth Empowerment Manual. Miss Conley is going to use the manual to incorporate anti-bullying lessons into their curriculum!

A special thanks to Kelly Dolan , Hanna Steadman and "Step It Up" for this amazing PSA

Be part of the change. Start an anti-bullying club in your school or community. Utterly Global can assist with the development of an anti-bullying initiative or program in your school, after-school center or community. All of our programs can be implemented as a club, cycle subject or infused in the curriculum.

Be a Hero.

Make a difference… Be part of the change.

There are defining moments in everyone’s lives. They are the ones you never forget and they are the ones that shape your values and beliefs throughout your life. Sometimes we don’t realize the powerful effect or lasting impact words can have.

Heroes often receive an award or public recognition. However, many heroes never receive recognition. They are the ones who touch a life and ask for nothing in return. They perform their kind acts simply to help another or make the world a better place.

Choose any media form to share your story, (video, written story, poster, cartoon, etc,)

Scroll down to submit entry form.


Bishop Ahr High School cheerleaders learned about bullying and how to make a difference through bullying prevention exercises and a workshop presented by Utterly Global.

Thanks to coaches, Brittany and Lisa Kerwin for Standing Up and Speaking Out...Against Bullying!


HERO. Jeromy is only 11 years old and he started an anti-bullying campaign in Trinidad and Tobago. He will launch his anti-bullying campaign in May. Jeromy takes a positive spin on the word bully… B – Be your brother’s keeper; U – Uplift and support each other; L – Love and respect one another; L – Lean on his/her/my shoulder; Y – Yes! We can do it together. He also created a DVD, “Break That Trend... Bring Bullying to an end!”.

We look forward to hearing more from Jeromy in the future!!

Thank you Jeromy, for Standing -Up and Speaking Out against bullying!!!


Christian Alvarez and Nakell Kelly
Two amazing high school students in Bradenton, Florida

They recently came up with a great way to spread the message to “Stop Bullying". They created a song and video, “Teenage Survivor”, which won the grand prize in Maple Leaf Communications’ Teenage Survival Kids4Kids Contest.

They spread the message of staying bully free through rap, singing, dancing, drama and live performances.

Their mission is to have a noticeable impact and create safer schools and communities in an effort to reduce bullying in the state of Florida, and throughout the United States.

Thank you Christian Alvarez and Nakell Kelly for "Standing Up and Speaking Out"


Keilara McCormick,MissTeen Utah USA 2012
Standing-Up and Speaking-Out Against Bullying

Keilara is reading Utterly Global's "Virgil:The Bully From Cyberspace" to a second grade class in her hometown.

Thank you Keilara for all the great work you are doing.


Jasmine Richards – You Have The Power

Jasmine Richards a teen from Canada was deeply moved by the tragedy of Jamie Hubley , a gay teen from Ottawa Canada who took his life. His family believes being bullied at school was a factor in his suicide. “ It really shook me up and opened up a lot of painful memories from my childhood. I spent most of my childhood being bullied, even through high school I was still being bullied, it was horrible” states Jasmine .

She decided that she needed to do something to try and help anyone who needed it and called her writing partner Thomas “L” and they wrote the song, You Have The Power.

“I still get emotional when I think about what Jamie Hubley was going through, what he was thinking on that terrible day, how he was feeling, how scared and confused he might have been. I never want another child or teen to make that poor decision. If my song can make one teenager stop and think, than it was so worth doing”.

You Have The Power, is a song that was used as an awareness and fund raising tool in May for Mental Health week in Canada. All of the proceeds went to helping Ottawa Youth Services Bureau.
Jasmine is currently building a web site that will help connect all the best organizations throughout North America. Utterly Global will be featured on her site It will have lots of really useful information that can help young people deal with bullying.


Megan Landry – STRONGER

Megan is 15 and wrote this great song and video!!!!   It's called STRONGER.

Thank you Megan, for Standing-Up and Speaking -Out


Save a Soul, Save the World

Alexandria has started an anti-bullying campaign called Save a Soul, Save the World; she couldn't bear to hear any more tragic stories of kids being bullied to the point of suicide.  Alexandria is coordinating a walk on May 12, 2012 in Arizona to raise awareness and to remember the innocent lives taken over bullying. If you would like to help sponsor it or know of anyone that would, please contact her:

Alexandria Rose Rizik

Thank you Alexandria for “Standing-Up and Speaking –Out “!!!!


FAB Fight Against Bullying

We would like to recognize Cody and Rick as Heroes. Thank you for standing up and speaking out against bullying!

Cody, a high school junior, who is very active in the school community and passionate about making a positive change created a proposal to start an anti-bullying club.  He met with Sandra Polichron, the school social worker, and his school principal.  FAB, fight against bullying was born.

 Rick has been a leader and member of the club since it started last year. He has worked hard with the FAB club and his local church youth program to spread awareness about bullying. He also makes time to mentor students on bullying issues.

 Cody and Rick are really great examples of leaders.


Deer Park H.S. Attends Footloose Premier

Utterly Global would like to thank the film promotion company Think Latino for providing tickets to the film premiere “Footloose”.

We recognized Deer Park High students for Standing-Up and Speaking –Out…  against bullying!

Deer Park High School started the Fight Against Bullying (FAB) after school club. The FAB club, led by Deer Park High school social worker Sandra Polichron, is composed of dedicated 9th through 12th grade students who truly wish to make a difference in their school and community. The students work hard to promote a bully-free community through education, awareness, fundraising and community involvement. The club also provides a safe place for all students to discuss their bullying experiences and gain support from their peers. The students have been educated on bully prevention strategies and focus many of their efforts on peer led bystander training.


Documentary by Bayside H.S. Students
Edward Francois,Dennis Grapsas,Bradly Ortis amd Daniel Natanou
Thank you for Standing -Up and Speaking -Out!

Toyko Fresh Applauded by Peers and Parents

HERO: Moral excellence
Courage: Nobility, Strength

Utterly Global would like to recognize Quazeem Lipscomb a Williamstown High School graduate who is applauded by his peers and their parents for writing clean songs that promote academics and discourage fighting, guns and drug use.

When he is on stage, Lipscomb goes by the name Tokyo Fresh — a persona that promotes the “inner nerd,” academics, and other positive messages for teens.“I was always teased in middle school, and they always called me weird and a nerd because I always had good grades,” he said. “When I hit high school, I stopped caring about what people thought about me and I wanted to be me.”

It’s fun music that has a good feel to it, and parents can truly approve of it,” said Smiley Jonez, owner of Smiley Timez Records, who took a liking to Lipscomb’s style right off the bat for more information e-mail Smiley Jonez of Simely Timez Records.


“Through My Eyes” Spreads acceptance and awareness 

At the age of 15 Jenna is lucky enough to say she discovered the keys to happiness and real success. No matter what was thrown at her she never stopped spreading kindness with her infectious smile and influential words.In middle school Jenna was tortured every day for being different "I was made to feel ashamed of my Jewish heritage and taunted because of my weight and appearance", said Jenna " I felt I had no one to turn to".

Never one to pity herself Jenna turned her tears into a purpose. She created "Through my Eyes" a program that spreads acceptance and awareness of bullying and enlightens others through her eyes and experiences." I help give teens the power to uncover their true beauty and to make a difference in big and little ways. Victims can become survivors and kids that bully should be given a chance to be enlightened so they can change their ways. Kindness is a universal language that can be spoken by anyone. Any chance I get to better the lives of others and make a positive difference in our world, I take, savor, and embrace."

When asked if she had any words of advice Jenna summed it up beautifully.

"Love yourself and love others.
Don't live your life trying to be “cool” or popular,live your life being you.
Have fun, be different."


Osiris Allred was chosen as GBCC's HERO. He was chosen because he constantly made conscious efforts to be a changed young man. This involved standing up for not only what he believes in, but doing it in a non-aggressive way. He has been a positive influence on the other children at the center. Osiris' grades has also improved at the end of the year. Osiris certainly sets a good example for his peers to follow.

Osiris has been a big part of an anti bullying video his center created.
Thank you Osiris for Standing-Up and Speaking-Out


This boy was nominated as Hero by his peers in his after school program. He is a leader who is friendly to everyone and has demonstrated leadership qualities by "Standing Up and Speaking Out" against bullying.


"If you see something, say something"... Duane Jackson did.

Duane Jackson is a humble man that does not consider himself a hero in spite of all the media attention for his actions regarding the car bomb in Times Square May 1, 2010. His military training as a former Vietnam Veteran taught him to be observant, follow protocol and act. He believed he was just doing the right thing." There are a bunch of us disabled vets selling here, and we're used to being vigilant because we all know that freedom isn't free," Mr. Jackson told Lorrie Sanchez and Carol Blank of Utterly Global

Bystanders can have a dramatic effect on the outcome of a situation. We are all bystanders. It is not necessary to put yourself or anyone else in danger to positively effect a situation. Mr. Jackson's action is one example. We all feel a little safer each time we hear about people like Duane Jackson and Lance Oraton Jr.

Thank you Duane Jackson!!!


Bronx River’s Anti-Bullying Hero - Edgar Ruiz
Bronx River Community Center’s after-school program nominates Edgar Ruiz to be our Stand Up Speak Out hero. Since Edgar has joined our program, he has truly embodied all of the qualities of a hero. He is friendly, welcoming, and quick to defend any of the other students in the classroom when he witnesses bullying or teasing. He stands as a role model for his classmates and we are honored to have him in our program.

There are defining moments in everyone’s lives.
They are the ones you never forget.
They are the ones that shape your values and beliefs throughout your life.
Sometimes we don’t realize the powerful effect or lasting impact words can have.


HEROES often receive an award or public recognition.  Many heroes never receive recognition.  They are the ones who touch a life and ask for nothing in return. They perform their kind act simply to help another or make the world a better place. 


Utterly Global, has honored these students.
These are only some of the many authors who completed two new anti-bullying books! The Humanity Project prides itself on innovative ideas that help real people in the real world.

Benicia Middle School is Standing-Up and Speaking Out!

They are implementing Stand Up, Speak Out…middle school program.

Vice Principals  Mrs. Dalske , Mrs.Moore  and Mr. Minahen Principal

This program informs, create awareness, and embed a level of understanding in our youth. The program teaches the difference between conflict and bullying, discusses the roles of the victim, bully, and the bystander, provides statistical data, and gives students tools and vocabulary for dealing with bullying no matter their role.

Benicia Middle School

Also…Cathy Wright the Drama teacher helped the students develop “Anti-Bully Skits” and presented them to the students in the school. What an outstanding job Benicia!!!!




Brave    Unknown   Unacknowledged

Unsung heroes are the individuals who bravely fight a personal battle daily or have been fortunate enough to resolve and end their daily torment with bullying.  No one may even know the difficulty this person faces daily or faced at one time.

The world is a dangerous place to live;
Not because of the people who are evil,
But because of the people
who don’t do anything about it.
Albert Einstein

UTTERLY GLOBAL would like to recognize the heroes and unsung heroes who have stood up, spoken out or are dealing with the daily torment of bullying.


Tell us……
How you changed, enriched, added joy or helped to change someone’s life.
Does the person you helped know you helped?
Or are you a silent hero?
Are you an unsung hero?
There are many ways to be a hero. 

People will forget what you said,
People will forget what you did,
People will never forget
How you made them feel.

                                          Bonnie Jean Wasmund


Tell us how you changed someone’s life or how someone changed your life with their kindness, support or good deed. 
Tell us your story of being an unsung hero.
Have you endured bullying? 
What’s your story?
What advice do you have for others?

Choose any media form to share your story, (video, written story, poster, cartoon, etc.). We will publish your winning entry on our website.

Remember:  To be a hero you DO NOT have to put yourself or anyone else in danger.  No daredevils please.  


Be a hero.  Make a difference.  Be part of the change.

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Tell us your story!

Choose any media form to share your story, (video, written story, poster, cartoon, etc.). We will publish your winning entry on our website.

Please send you Hero submission to:

Subject: HERO

Please include:

If your entry is picked we will call or write to find out where to send your thank you gifts. A book will also be donated to your school or public library in your name.


Send us your story.  Tell us your positive experience or the kind deed/action you did or someone did for you. 

No act of kindness is ever too small or unimportant.

Send all entries to:


Utterly Global, LLC
P.O. Box 265
Garwood, NJ 07027


Thank you to all heroes for your submission.