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Early Childhood Bullying Prevention
'Let's Be Friends'
Pre-k - 2
Cost: 150.00

Elementary School Program
'No Excuse For Peer Abuse'
Grades 3-5
Cost: 150.00

Middle School Program & Project
'Stand-Up Speak-Out'
(Grades Middle School and up)
Cost: 150.00

High School /Collegiate
Bullying... Ignorance is No Defense
Cost: $150.00

Virgil The Bully From Cyberspace"
Teacher's Edition & Storybook Elementary
Curriculum Unit

(Grades 1-3)

"Virgil: The Bully From Cyberspace" Storybook
Softcover 10.95

"Virgil: The Bully From Cyberspace" Storybook
Spanish Version

Softcover 10.95

"Virgil: The Bully From Cyberspace" Storybook
Hardcover 16.99


Presentation costs are determined by the group size, length of presentation being given and the location. Please call or email us for pricing details.


Bullying Prevention and Intervention Turn-Key

All the necessary tools to conduct your own bullying prevention and intervention training for staff and support staff are provided. It is very important that anyone interacting with children are prepared to deal with bullying behavior and become active participants in the process to creating a bully free environment.

Teachers need specific training on bullying prevention, intervention and working it into the curriculum. However, all school personnel (including bus drivers, coaches, and after-school program supervisors) need to know how to identify and respond to bullying as well as how to model and reinforce positive problem solving.  Everyone working or having contact with students should know the symptoms of victimization, how to reach out to victims, the protocol for contacting the appropriate staff members or a student's parents and on the spot interventions. 

Utterly Global Train the Trainer is staff and parent module that teaches the best practices in bullying prevention. Staff will identify and define bullying behaviors and types of bullying.  Particular focus is on appropriate strategies to prevent bullying and for immediate, effective interventions to stop bullying incidents. Information is provided regarding the complex interaction and power differential that can take place between and among an aggressor, target, and witnesses to the bullying. Research findings on bullying, including information about specific categories of students who have been shown to be particularly at risk for bullying in the school environment is discussed along with the incidence and nature of cyber bullying and internet safety issues as they relate to cyber bullying. Parents will learn how to support children who tend to become targets as well as recognize bullying behaviors that require intervention. Effectively strategies to work with school staff  to formulate a plan that will ensure a child feels protected and secure are also provided.

A brief section and power point dealing with the necessary components of a successful anti-bullying policy and procedure are presented as an additional section to the staff training. The section is particularly helpful to administrators and school climate committees

Cost: $500.00


*NEW   Training Manual



New Jersey passed one of the toughest anti-bullying laws in the country, the “Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act” in January 2011. This new law goes into effect September 2011.

The “School Safety Team Guide”

  • Reviews the changes to the law
  • Provides and reviews new definitions
  • Explains district and staff functions
  • Presents the minimum policy requirements
  • Reviews new procedures and time requirements
  • Reviews reporting requirements
  • Provides samples of reporting, tracking and investigation forms, parent conference, complaint and other forms.
  • Explains the role and responsibilities of the school anti-bullying specialist and school safety team

Cost 200.00


*NEW   Training Manual



Some of the covered topics in this manual include:

  • Elements of a positive school climate
  • Respect for diversity
  • Community involvement
  • Addressing school climate through SECC (social emotional character development)
  • Breaking the code of silence
  • Resources for the “Week of Respect”
  • School-wide behavioral expectations
  • Meaningful positive reinforcements for positive behavior
  • Teaching social skills
  • Re-examining Zero Tolerance
  • Fair and logical consequences
  • Remedial and supportive actions

Cost 300.00



Virgil, The Bully From Cyberspace" (A children's book for grades 1-5)
*Now available in Spanish!

This book tells the story of "Virgil the Bully from Cyber Space" during his first days of school on earth and his interactions with his classmates. Each of the main characters learns from their teacher, their peers, and a student mentor lessons on empathy, the importance of friendship, and speaking up for themselves and others. At the end of each chapter are questions which serve as conversation starters between parent and child.

Cost: $10.00 plus shipping and handling

“Virgil: The Bully From Cyberspace” Storybook
Spanish Version

Softcover 10.95

Stand Up Speak Out back sack

Black nylon back sack 13" X 17"

Cost: $10.00/ ea. plus shipping and handling

Utterly Global canvas tote

Heavy canvas sack 14 1/2" X 14"

Cost: $ 8.50/ea plus shipping and handling

Hero T-shirt

Available in black with white writing as shown or white with black writing sizes S, M, L, XL

Cost: $12.00 plus shipping and handling




10" plush stuffed bull wearing a T-shirt with the message "Bully Free the Way to Be!"

Cost : 5.00/ea plus shipping and handling



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