Evidence Based Programs Pre-K to Collegiate

"Let's Be Friends" Early Childhood Bullying Prevention Program
(Pre-k - 2) Cost: $150.00

The early years of a child's life are crucial for healthy cognitive, social and emotional development. Incorporate the "bully free" message in the classroom by encouraging tolerance, kindness and bully free behavior. This program is flexible and can be implemented in a variety of ways.

Lessons of covered topics include:

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  • Friendship
  • The players (bullies, target/victim, bystander)
  • Being Mean/Bullying
  • Tattling and Telling
  • Celebrating Differences
  • Becoming a "Stand Upper"
  • Make a promise, ( A good behavior pledge)
Program components
  • Parent education
  • Reinforcement activities for home
  • Interactive activities
  • Songs
  • Stuffable mascot
  • Posters
  • Certificate of Participation

"Virgil The Bully From Cyberspace" Teacher's Edition & Book Elementary Curriculum Unit
(Grades 1-3) Cost:$99.00

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Turn the reading of the delightful, engaging book "Virgil: The Bully From Cyberspace," into a unit on friendship and bullying prevention. The teacher's guide presents a lesson plan on an aspect of bullying for each of the nine chapters in the book. Each lesson outlines the key concepts of the chapter, objective and rationale. A reinforcement activity and other suggested follow up activities are part of each lesson. The parent component consists of a series of letters to send home. This will continue and reinforce what has begun at school.

Click here for an overview of the lessons.

"There's No Excuse For Peer Abuse" Elementary School Program
(Grades 3-5) Cost: $150.00

Utterly Global's Elementary School Program 3-5

Children's conformity to their peers peaks during grades 3-5. Teach students positive bystander behavior. Children who learn respect and empathy will turn those principles into words and acts of kindness which has a huge impact on changing the culture and climate of their school community. Create a school community characterized by:
  • Human decency and positive interest
  • Firm limits on unacceptable behavior
  • Consistent application of recognizing and rewarding positive bystander behavior
  • Educating and empowering students
Students are active participants and engaged stakeholders in creating a bully free environment. "There's No Excuse For Peer Abuse" gives students a voice. Student engagement is the key element in a successful anti-bullying program. This program is easily infused in the curriculum as a cycle subject, Friday afternoon class meeting, club or in after school centers.

Some of the covered topics include:

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  • Types of bullying cyber, social, physical, emotional, bias based
  • Becoming a positive bystanders without putting yourslef or anyone else in danger
  • What to do if you're bullied
  • Internet safety
  • How not to become a target
  • The difference between bullying and conflict
  • The difference between ratting and reporting
  • How to create a bully free environment
start a bullying prevention project in your school or after school program

Program components
  • Pre and post survey
  • Parent component
  • Games and activities
  • Certificate of participation

"Stand Up - Speak Out" Program and Project
(Grades Middle School and up) Cost: $150.00

Can be implemented as a cycle subject, as a club or in a after school center

Middle school is a turning point physically, emotionally and socially. It will become a crucial point in lifetime learning. Adolescents can develop positive coping skills-or risky ones. Stand- Up Speak- Out is a program designed specifically for middle school age students. Help them by teaching and practicing protective and coping skills, to make good choices, socially responsible decisions and stay engaged in school.

Create a school community characterized by:

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  • Human decency and positive interest
  • Firm limits on unacceptable behavior
  • Consistent application of recognizing and rewarding positive bystander behavior
  • Educating and empowering students
Some of the topics covered in include:
  • The elements of bullying
  • Blockers to speaking up
  • The importance of activating the bystander
  • Strategies to prevent becoming a target of bullying
  • Strategies for safe intervention
  • Steps to responsible decision making
  • Producing an anti-bullying project to raise awareness
Program components:
  • Pre and post survey that measures climate, attitude and knowledge base
  • Activities and games
  • Power point
  • Certificate of participation

"Bullying: Ignorance is No Defense"
High School /Collegiate Cost: $150.00

Bullying... Ignorance is No Defense

This manual utilizes best practices in programs as suggested by the US Department of Health and Human Services and The US Department of Education. It is designed to help students understand the risks involved to themselves and others when it comes to bullying.

Bullying behavior has been linked to other forms of anti-social behavior such as vandalism, shoplifting, skipping and dropping out of school, fighting and the use of drugs and alcohol. Research indicates that many students are unaware their behaviors are bullying, the legal consequences of those behaviors and the devastating effects to everyone involved.

The goal of this program is to train youth to use alternative methods to resolve problems rather than using bullying behaviors and to educate them about bullying, bias based offences and hate crimes.  Providing students with opportunities to understand the seriousness of their behavior and practice appropriate problem solving strategies reduces the likelihood of them repeating bullying behavior.
This program can be used as a corrective, remedial or preventive measure. A Power Point presentation is included!

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Some of the topics covered are:

  • Bullying and the Law
  • Definition of Bullying
  • Conflict: What is it?
  • Types of Bullying
  • The Long Term Devastating Effects
  • Bias Based Bullying
  • Hate Crime
  • LGBTQ Youth
  • Cultural Differences
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Columbine
  • Ratting or Reporting
  • Everyone is a Player
  • Who Has the Power
  • Bullying and Law Enforcement
  • OTB: Deciding What Action to Take
  • Decision Tree
  • Ignorance Is No Defense
  • What You Can Do Stand- Up Speak Out