Early Childhood Bullying Prevention Program
'Let's Be Friends'


Bullying and relational aggression begin as early as pre-school. Incorporate the "bully free"...

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Elementary School Program
'No Excuse For Peer Abuse'

Grades 3-5

Creating bully free social and learning environments are critical to optimize cognitive...

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Middle School Program & Project
'Stand-Up Speak-Out'

Grades Middle School and up

Empower middle school students, prepare them to meet everyday challenges...

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Virgil the Bully From Cyber Space
A book for Children in Grades 1 - 3 With a Parent Component


On Site Training is offered for educators, parents, students, support staff, civic groups and community members. Presentations provide practical information and resources. Learn the best practices to reduce bullying, effective intervention strategies and how to address the challenges faced by parents, educators and communities dealing with bullying.

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Train the Trainer Turnkey Manual provides two power point presentations with all the tools and information needed to conduct your own bullying prevention and intervention workshop for staff and to conduct a parent presentation. This is the most cost effective way to train staff year after year, retread with current staff as needed and educate parents.

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My son Jackson really enjoyed reading Virgil: The Bully From Cyberspace.  He loved all of the characters and learned what to do when someone is being bullied. 

We shared the book with Jackson’s school during a family night and helped raise awareness about anti bullying. The kids enjoyed the story and the parents were happy to see a positive message about how we all can work to stop bullying.

Jolene T. Lupton

To whom it may concern:

"Utterly Global Bullying is a remarkable program.  We have worked with Utterly Global Bullying since July 2013.  As part of our Summer Camp curriculum, staff led a "No Bullying Initiative" for five weeks. Participants found Utterly Global Bullying activities to be fun and engaging.  Since this initiative was well received by our participants and staff members,  I invited Carol and Lorrie to facilitate another training for staff for this school year. Our staff has found Utterly Global Bullying trainings to be informative, insightful, and fun. Our staff is very excited and motivated to lead another "No Bullying" series, thanks to Carol and Lorrie. Keep up the good work!"

Keesha Sterling
The Child Center of New York, Inc.

LATCH-OST Site Director
PS 223- 125-20 Sutphin Blvd.
Jamaica, NY 11434


Roscoe Orman: “Gordon of Sesame Street” Endorsement

The education and teaching methods for our youths have always captured my interest. When the role of "Gordon" on Sesame Street was offered to me, I remember thinking what a wonderful opportunity to be able to teach children worldwide as a TV personality. Throughout my experience as a teacher, author and a role model among the Muppets, I've found that parents and teachers have the most important role in shaping future positive adult behavior through teaching and inspiring children, especially when their imagination is peaked and their imagination is stirred. The values of empathy and kindness are at the heart of VIRGIL: THE BULLY FROM CYBERSPACE!

The "VIRGIL" storybook and teaching discussion package are perfect tools to help parents and educators emphasize beneficial choices and positive social principles. The users of today's technology are becoming younger. The documented negative impact on others, if used incorrectly, makes the "VIRGIL" message imperative! As VIRGIL says: "I guess I'm not used to seeing the things that I say can hurt others because no one ever sees my face, and in Cyberspace, you can be mean without a trace".

Roscoe Orman
"Gordon" of Sesame Street

What I love most about the Virgil Program was that it helped our Elementary Students learn about the risks of bullying through story telling.  Our Students loved each lesson in the Virgil book centering on how to maintain friendships and the importance of reporting. I would strongly recommend this program to any school.

Scott Sigler
PS 16
Guidance Counselor

To the staff at Utterly Global,

As an educator and a Social Worker, I would like to thank the team at Utterly Global for the program that was presented to my students at Kean University.Bullying has become more prevalent among college students. This is evidenced by the recent suicides receiving media attention. As we all know, training begins with the very young. The state has mandated that all students benefit from programs such as yours. You certainly captured the attention of my students. Many discussions have ensued and cyberbullying has become a new shield for bullies to hide behind. Best Wishes and continued success for this wonderful program.

Professor Leslie Wentz,

Dear Utterly Global,

The Stand Up Speak Out sessions were wonderful, thank you for providing such a useful program. The kids have really seemed to incorporate the lessons they learned from your presentations into their everyday interactions with each other..

Their enthusiasm didn't stop there, though. Instead of an Observe-Think-Behave poster, the group decided to write and film a skit in order to increase awareness about bullying which they wrote, acted out, and filmed themselves.

Thanks again for this wonderful program,

Joelle Nivens
Senior Group Leader, Older Youth Site Coordinator
Bronx River Community Center

"The message in Utterly Global's professional development training and programs is one of the most contemporary messages of this decade. We are grateful that this message is conveyed in the fashion that it is, compassionately, factually and intelligently."

Thank you on behalf of the DYCD/NYCHA Cornerstone Initiative.

Luis W. Osorio,
Ph.D. Director

"We saw bullying incidents decrease in the first few months”

Arlene Wzorek
Guidance Counselor
Newark, NJ

"This program utilizes the best practices available in the field. Preventing bullying is one of the most important school missions because it touches on so many areas of positive mental health.
It is only when children feel safe that they are free to learn and take advantage of all the things that school offers. I heartily endorse this program. Programs like this are the first step to eliminating violence in our schools.”

Dr. Timothy Hamway, Ph.D
Associate Professor of Psychology at Kean University,
Licensed Psychologist and former school administrator.

"The students are more aware of their behavior. Their posters decorate our hallways. Everyone loves the change”

Latia Doctry
Social Worker
Newark, NJ

"I like the fact that each school can tailor their own program. Every school needs this program”.

Zaida Padilla, MSW
Affirmative Action Officer
Paterson, NJ

"My daughter enjoyed the program so much. I wanted my son to experience it. I spoke to the principal, and now I’m implementing it in his school. It’s fun and the kids love it.”

Karen King PTA President
Cranford, NJ

"It’s amazing how something so simple can be so much fun and effective all at the same time”.

Harriet Casmas
Guidance Counselor
Irvington, NJ

"Our elementary school counselors were in-serviced on the Utterly Global anti-bullying program.Along with the in-service, each elementary counselor was also provided with an anti-bullying program. I highly recommend this training be made available to high school counselors, parents and administrators”.

Roy Migliorino
Special Services & Counseling
Paterson Public Schools

"Our counselors and Head and Professional Staff throroughly enjoyed your presentatuin during our orientation week. Your program was extremely informative, fun and comprehensive. During the camp season our counselors implemented many of the tools and methods you demonstrated, and were able to handle various situations they faced in an educated and professional manner".

Caryl & Morey Baldwin
Marcy & Craig Neier
Camp Chen-A-Wanda
Thompson, PA

"It would behoove any school community to implement Utterly Global's "No Excuse for Peer Abuse" as a proactive stance to protect its students.The program has been factor in creating safe and caring environment.We value the committment of the consultants, honor their expertise, and most importantly, cherish the ongoing partnership"

Heather Wetzel, Ed.D
Rahway Public Schools