October is Bullying Prevention Month

National Bullying Prevention Month is designed to raise awareness to bullying in the classroom, as well as through media outreach and anti-bullying programs.

Bullying in schools is a serious problem for many students, especially students who have disabilities or are gay, bisexual or transgendered. LGBT teens are four times more likely than their peers to commit suicide. Reducing bullying is one way to help lessen the likelihood of teen suicides.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Suicide


CNN’s Anderson Cooper will present a one-hour special town hall on Anderson Cooper 360°. The town hall, titled Bullying: No Escape; AC 360 Special Report with PEOPLE Magazine and Cartoon Network, will air Oct. 8th at 10 PM.

PEOPLE magazine will run a bullying package in the Oct. 18th issue, which hits newsstands on Oct. 8th. This special editorial section will feature confessions of a former bully and stories from students who were tormented in school.

Cartoon Network will launch their initiative, Stop Bullying: Speak Up, on Oct. 4th. The network will feature on-air PSAs that will direct young viewers and parents to visit CartoonNetwork.com for key online resources developed in coordination with the network’s recently established Bullying Prevention Advisory Board.

Some suggested activities:

Institute an Anti-Bullying Week. Arrange special anti-bullying events throughout the week, and encourage students to participate in anti-bullying activities.

Incorporate the anti -bullying message into your curriculum.

Have a Mix-it-Up Day. Have students sit with new kids at lunch.

Participate in Utterly Global’s “Hero Campaign”
UTTERLY GLOBAL would like to recognize students that have taken a stand against bullying.

Lorrie Sanchez
Executive Director
Utterly Global

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